Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blackhawks Announce New Training Facility

The Chicago Blackhawks announced an agreement with the city of Chicago today for a 125,000 square foot community center to be located just south of the United Center.  Its exact location is where Malcolm X College currently resides.  They will be moving to a new campus next year.  Construction is expected to begin on the new facility next year and be finished within the next two.

The training facility will be privately funded and will cost an estimated $50 million.  Blackhawks Chairman, Rocky Wirtz stated today that it will contain 2 NHL-regulation size rinks.  Earlier in the week, it was announced that Chicago is one of five finalists in hosting the 2018 World Junior Hockey Championships.  The tournament would require multiple rinks.  One would think that this would add some brownie points in possibly winning the tournament.

The main reason for the facility though is to grow the sport more so than it already is in Chicago.  94% of the new facility will be used to serve the surrounding community and not the team.  Youth hockey will benefit the most from the new facility.  Wirtz said today, "We wanted to do something special on the West Side."  Blackhawks President and CEO, John McDonough, added, "This is going to provide tremendous opportunity."

Chalk up another win for this franchise and the city.  It's still amazing to think how far this team has come in less than 10 years.  If one would say that home games were going to be televised, that the Hawks would win 3 Stanley Cups within six years, and that the franchise, which was once dubbed the "worst franchise in all of professional sports", would be considered "America's team", I'd say you had been spending too much time and money invested in the Wirtz Beverage Group!  After witnessing it in person...a drink is in celebrate!



  1. Rocky basically saved this franchise. My favorite part of Rocky is I firmly believe he is as big of a fan of this team as the most diehard BlackHawk fans. Thank You Rocky Wirtz.

    1. He grew up with them. He was asked if Dollar Bill would have been proud of him. Rocky said that he would be proud, but not how it was done. And you know that partially means televising home games.