Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alumni from the Blackhawks, North Stars, To Be Part of NHL Stadium Series

An old rivalry will be brought back to life as alumni members of both the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota North Stars, and Wild, will face off as part of the NHL Stadium Series next February.  A day prior to the scheduled game between the present-day Blackhawks and Wild, one of the most hated rivalries in the NHL will be celebrated in a much anticipated reunion.

In the 1980s and early '90s, the Blackhawks/North Stars rivalry was one of the most hated in the entire NHL.  

PRE-GAME brawl 1989 - Yes, you read that right.  This brawl happened during pre-skate.  Ah the good old days of Old Time Hockey.

Bench-clearing brawl - 1983 - The Blackhawks' Denis Savard, and Minnesota North Stars' Dino Cicceralli started this beauty of a brawl that lasted 20 minutes before play would begin again.

1991 Brawl - This one features Blackhawks' Keith Brown and Mike Hudson, and North Stars' Basil McRae and Shane Churla

The list goes on.  Among the Blackhawks that will play in this game include, Denis Savard, Steve Larmer, who should be in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and Al Secord.  These three were one of the most potent lines in Blackhawks history in the 80s.

Among the North Stars alumni, Dino Ciccarelli, Mike Modano, Neal Broten, Basil McRae, Bobby Smith, Willi Plett, and Don Beaupre.
It's doubtful that any brawls will come from this game, but odds are that Ciccarelli wil do one of his patented dives as he did often back in the day.  In today's NHL, there is a thing called a diving penalty.  It's too bad it wasn't implemented back in the day.  Maybe Ciccarelli would not have scored as many goals in his career.

Regardless, this is a game that die hard Blackhawk fans cannot wait for and may enjoy more so than the actual game the following day.


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