Friday, August 7, 2015

Patrick Kane Investigation Puts Blackhawks Brass To The Test

Patrick Kane found himself in a familiar spot in June, hoisting the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years.  A little over a month later, he finds himself in a familiar place again.  This time, in trouble…again.

Kane finds himself in a police investigation for alleged rape.  To be clear, no charges have been filed, and no one has been put under arrest.  As of now, everything is accusations…only.

The problem is that the Blackhawks front office is once again trying to put out the fires caused by Kane.  Regardless, if Kane is guilty or innocent (and he should be considered innocent until proven guilty), he has found himself, yet again, in a place and a situation he should never have put himself into.  Yes, it’s possible that the alleged victim could have tried to get Kane into trouble, or she was truly a victim.  That is for the police to decide.  Either way, high-profile athletes are told, shown, and taught, to not get themselves into these situations.  The question 
is what do the Blackhawks do, if anything?

Kane has had a checkered past with taxi cabs, college Cinco De Mayo parties, and taking snapshots in the back of limos shirtless with women during a hockey season.  Yes, he is/was young and enjoying a rock star career.  He’s now 26.  Time to grow up and wise up.  Over the last two years though, Kane had matured.  Something that the Blackhawks organization could rest easy on…until now.  Blackhawks owner, Rocky Wirtz, President, John McDonough, and General Manager, Stan Bowman, have built a “brand” that they pride themselves on.  They’ve invested a lot into Patrick Kane over the years.  Bowman brought Kane into his home during his rookie year as Kane lived with him and his family.  When Kane got off from the cab incident, the Blackhawks too care of things with Kane, “internally”, and behind closed doors.  Now, these accusations, proven innocent or guilty, is NOT something that the Blackhawks brass is going to take lightly.  They’ve invested $84.5 million into Kane.  It would be interesting to know what kind of stipulation fine print may be inside that contract.

Time will only tell, but if the Blackhawks are sticking with their “brand” of hockey, then what kind of discipline will come of this incident, regardless if proven innocent or guilty.  One would think anything is possible at this point.  Let’s just hope that this investigation ends here and goes no further.


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